Faculty & Staff 20
Provides 20 meals
Cost: $120 (Plus VIP $140)

Faculty & Staff 50
Provides 50 meals
Cost: $300 (Plus VIP $340)


Payroll Deduction
To use the payroll deduction payment method, please download the Payroll Deduction Form and bring it to the Seminole Dining Plan Office in the FSUCard Center, 104 North Woodward Avenue. Contact a Dining Plan Coordinator at (850) 644-3663 or seminoledining@fsu.edu

Meal Exchange (VIP) 
The daily meal exchange option provides more convenience and flexibility with the meal plans. It allows you to exchange one of your meal swipes once per day, up to a $6 value at select dining destinations. This is included in all dining plans.

Please note, employees that are eligible to purchase the Faculty & Staff Meal Plan include individuals in the following salaried pay plans: USPS, A&P, AEX, and Faculty. OPS employees including Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Adjunct Faculty are not eligible.


Postdoctoral 20 
Provides 20 meals
Available to Postdoctoral Scholars
Cost: $120 (Plus VIP $140)

Postdoctoral 50 
Provides 50 meals 
Available to Postdoctoral Scholars
Cost: $300 (Plus VIP $340)



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Meal Plan Options

No matter who you are or how you eat, you can find a Meal Plan that works best for your schedule and lifestyle. 

  • Residential Meal Plans are annual contracts - the plan amount will be billed to your FSU student account in both the fall and spring semesters.
  • The charge for your student meal plan will show up on your student account at my.fsu.edu
  • Please click here to view the Seminole Dining campus map.

Door Prices: Seminole Cafe and Suwannee Room

  • Breakfast: $8.75
  • Lunch: $10.00
  • Dinner: $10.00
  • Late Night: $8.00
*All Prices Include Tax



Seminole Dining Plan Office  
FSUCard Center | 104 North Woodward Avenue
(850) 644-3663 | seminoledining@fsu.edu