Meet the Team

Your dining team is made up of people who are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

Executive Team

Culinary Team

  • Adrian Ashton

    Adrian Ashton

    Executive Chef: Suwannee Room

  • Perry Ford

    Perry Ford

    Executive Chef: FIGG Performance Table

  • Nicole Pettineo

    Nicole Pettineo

    Executive Chef: Seminole Cafe

Residential Dining Team

  • Eddie Rivera

    Eddie Rivera

    Operations Manager: Suwannee Room

  • Donna Jones

    Donna Jones

    Manager: Seminole Café

  • Ed Belford

    Ed Belford

    Manager: Suwannee Room

  • Ryan Martin

    Ryan Martin

    Production Manager: Suwannee Room

Retail Dining Team

  • Christine Athitakis

    Christine Athitakis

    Retail Manager: C.O.E. Café, Doctors Inn, Jolt Café, Legal Provision, natural! Express

  • Savannah Belcher

    Savannah Belcher

    Retail Manager: Argo Tea

  • Angie Boltz

    Angie Boltz

    Retail Manager: The Den

  • Bradley Brunsting

    Bradley Brunsting

    Retail Manager: 4Rivers, Chick-fil-A, The Grid

  • Jakira Butler

    Jakira Butler

    Retail Manger: Einstein Bros. Bagels

  • Dwoyne Day

    Dwoyne Day

    Retail Manager: The Union

  • Mary Kelly

    Mary Kelly

    Retail Manger: Garnet & Go

  • Cara Grimme

    Cara Grimme

    Retail Manager: Starbucks Dirac

  • Shadya Silebi

    Shadya Silebi

    Retail Manger: 1851

  • Jackie Tolliver

    Jackie Tolliver

    Retail Manager: Subway and Steak n' Shake

  • Ashley Vallejos

    Ashley Vallejos

    Retail Manager: Starbucks Strozier

Catering Team

Concessions Team

Marketing Team

  • Julia Sorrenti

    Julia Sorrenti

    Field Marketing Coordinator

  • Tarian West

    Tarian West

    Field Marketing Coordinator

  • David Heller

    David Heller

    Unit Marketing Coordinator/Public Relation

Support Staff